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International Business Consulting 
BEKTAŞ Consulting acts as a bridge between ITALY and TURKEY for its client enterprises.

Our ultimate goal is to help your company achieve sustainable growth through successful expansion into these two Mediterranean markets. 

I worked with BEKTAŞ CONSULTING in the management of an investment I made in Turkey together with other Italian business angels. Working on the tasks assigned, even the more delicate ones, Bektas always performed at the level requested of her. She is careful, precise, and very professional in her approach, especially with problems of an economic and financial nature, where she skillfully contributes due both to her finance background and her expansive professional network in Turkey. She fulfills the requirements of her clients consistently with the sensitivity required, making the client’s objectives her own. All in all, she is a professional with all of the skills and knowledge required by her role.


Piero Bergamini, Business Angel and member of the Board of Directors of IBAN (Italian Business Angel Network), Torino

We worked with BEKTAŞ CONSULTING in our search for a Turkish business partner who would distribute our high-end Architettura Sonora products in the local market. Bektas' hard work, coupled with her wide network of business contacts in Turkey, enabled us to find the best-fit party in a very reasonable amount of time. What happened next is that our distributor exceeded its sales target in its very first year. We could not be more content.  


Lorenzo Coppini, CEO of B&C Speakers S.p.A., Florence

We are very pleased to have started working with BEKTAŞ, a highly professional and resourceful consultant. She has ample contacts, and was therefore able to provide us access to a wide network of people in Turkey. Plus she is always focused and enthusiastic about her work, which is something we look for in a consultant guiding us through a new market.


Riccardo Pina, General Manager of International Business Unit of Enervit S.p.A., Milano


Elisium is a startup that is always in need of funding and expanding its contacts. As a young company with an international scope, we thought that the long expertise BEKTAŞ CONSULTING has in business and finance, both in Italy and in Turkey, could have been helpful to expand our business network domestically as well as internationally. This is exactly what happened thanks to her experience and network of connections.


Luca Montanari, CEO of Elisium SrL, Modena 

Bomi Group worked with BEKTAŞ CONSULTING for a period of one year to facilitate a management transition in Turkey that led Bomi to a much stronger positioning in the market. BEKTAS showed commitment to the Group's objectives and her contribution brought value in a challenging environment.  


Marco Ruini, CEO of Bomi Group, Milano 

BPER Banca has been collaborating with BEKTAŞ CONSULTING for more than three years and during the course of this collaboration, we have always appreciated the extreme seriousness and professionalism with which Dott.ssa BEKTAS and her structure have assisted our clients in the consultancy activities to support Italian clients penetrate the Turkish market. The feedback obtained from companies supported by BEKTAS regarding their satisfaction level has always been high. The initiatives we planned and agreed with BEKTAS for the ongoing year to assist the growth and consolidation of Italian SMEs in a complex but very attractive market like Turkey, further underlines the trust that our institute places in BEKTAŞ CONSULTING


Michele Bandini, International Relations Department, BPER Banca, Modena 

At Kilpatrick we collaborated with BEKTAŞ CONSULTING for three years during which she facilitated our market entry to Turkey as an international executive search firm. Bektas has been a great advisor for us and linked us not only to prospective clients but also to candidates. She represented our brand in Turkish-Italian networks with remarkable success. 


Jacob Hoekstra, CEO of Kilpatrick Group, Milano 

Turkey is a commercially important and strategic country. Erreà collaborated with BEKTAŞ CONSULTING to handle and manage the challenges of this market and to align them with its own expectations. BEKTAŞ has carried out the tasks well with seriousness and professionalism.


Angelo Gandolfi, President of Erreà S.p.A., Parma

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